A Heartfelt Thank-you!

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I’m amazed by the wonderful generosity in response to this fundraiser. Thank-you to all of those who purchased pre-paid subscriptions. The proceeds from this fundraiser raised $200!!

And a massive thank-you to the many demonstrators who ran this fundraiser in their own markets, both in Canada and the US. My friend, France Martin (www.frenchiestamps.com) from the United States, raised an additional $100 and sent it to me to be donated.

EDIT: My friend, Selene Kempton just donated $70 CAD from running the fundraiser in her market!  

The final total donated to the Alberta Red Cross is now $375!

Together we are helping those families displaced by the Alberta Wildfires.  I hope and pray that our contributions can help ease their discomfort.

I love you guys.  Thank-you for being amazing.