Playing Dress Up With a Bottle of Wine

wine tag

It’s friday night.  You are heading to a friend’s house for dinner.  Naturally, you grab a bottle of wine to bring along as a hostess gift.  Sigh.  You look at the bottle.  Is it good wine?  Maybe?  Shiraz is good right?  Hmmmm.  Will she like it?

Don’t panic.  I’m here to make you look like a superstar.

Dress up your bottle of wine with a Bottle Tag.  These are quick to make and dress up a bottle of wine so that even if it’s not the best bottle of wine, the hostess will RAVE about your craftiness and you’ll be her favourite from that point out.

halloween wine tag

This Bottle Tag was my Founder’s Circle swap which means it was recreated 120 times to swap – what?!?  Yes!  Simple and cute!

Tell me: what’s your favourite bottle of wine!  Give me some good suggestions so I can wow my hostess with the tag AND the wine!

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